Providing digital marketing services to local businesses

MKTG 437 Digital Marketing & Media | Student Consulting Project

The College of Business at California State University Long Beach is working to elevate minority-owned businesses within the greater Long Beach community by offering free digital marketing services.  Services garnered are provided through the CSULB upper-division marketing course, MKTG 437: Digital Marketing and Media, offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.  As part of a semester-long project, and under the guidance of a seasoned faculty member in the Department of Marketing, students enrolled in this course will partner with a small business to offer digital marketing strategy and content.


Our student consulting projects are intensive, semester-long projects undertaken by groups of business students enrolled in MKTG 437: Digital Marketing & Social Media, in the CSULB College of Business.

The objective of the student team’s consulting project is for students to learn about digital media and marketing by working on behalf of a real organization. To this end they will work hard to make lasting improvements in their client’s digital media and marketing operations.

In this graded class activity, students will be working on a digital marketing campaign for a business or organization. This activity has FOUR parts: 

  1.  The development of a Digital Marketing Plan
  2.  Development of digital marketing materials as specified in the plan
    • Teams will focus on TWO digital marketing areas (i.e. website creation and/or updating, creating email campaigns, creating social media accounts, advertising through social media, etc.)
  3.  Implementation of a short-term digital marketing campaign for your organization
  4.  Digital Marketing report and presentation

The client will receive all deliverables.

In this assignment, students will work in teams of 4-5 to create and implement a Digital Marketing Campaign. Student teams will design, develop, and implement a digital marketing campaign using a variety of digital marketing tactics.

Timeline for MKTG 437
Semester Week Activity
-4 Commitment from business owners is required to be a part of the cohort
-3 Business owners contacted to confirm commitment and review marketing needs
-2 Business owners assigned to a class section
-1 Faculty from assigned sections reach out to Business Owners to make introductions, etc.
1 Group project assigned
2 Groups matched with businesses and begin initiating contact
3 Groups and Business Owners meet (virtually or in-person); Contract signed
5 Situational Analysis/ Marketing Plan / Pre-Campaign Presentations
6 Situational Analysis/ Marketing Plan / Pre-Campaign Presentations
9 Campaign Activation
10 Campaign Activation
11 Campaign Activation
14 Final post-campaign report, presentation, and closeout with clients
15 Final post-campaign report, presentation, and closeout with clients
16 Final post-campaign report, presentation, and closeout with clients

If your business is interested in becoming a client and receiving free digital marketing services, please fill out this short survey to get started!

Digital Marketing Interest Form