HyFlex Student Assistant Program

Request a HyFlex Student Assistant

HyFlex Student Assistants provide personalized, technical support for instructors who are assigned to university HyFlex Classrooms or who are using Mobile Teaching Kits for recording or live-streaming classes on campus.

HyFlex Student Assistant Request

After receiving your request, an ATS Classroom Support team member will contact you with more details and coordinate scheduling. For questions, call ATS Classroom Support Services at 562-985-4962 or email ats-css@csulb.edu

HyFlex Student Assistant Duties

HyFlex Classroom Student Assistants are trained technicians whose primary role is to set up, operate, and troubleshoot classroom equipment. With this support, instructors can focus on students and the integration of in-person and online learning. Assistants can provide support with:

  • Setting up and testing equipment prior to class start time.
  • Operating audio/visual hardware during class (e.g., focusing cameras on key points in the classroom, switching between picture-in-picture modes and input sources).
  • Streaming and/or recording lectures; adjusting lecture capture settings (microphone, video).
  • Managing Zoom meeting interactions (e.g., monitoring virtual chat, adding and removing participants, managing Breakout rooms, posting content in chat, muting noisy participants, etc).
  • Uploading and organizing videos and content to BeachBoard courses.
  • Cycling through presentation slides.
  • Reporting technical issues to ATS for remediation.
  • Demonstrating to instructors how to independently use the equipment, if desired.