HyFlex Classrooms and Instruction

A HyFlex Classroom is more than just a physical space; it's an ecosystem that merges virtual with local. Teaching in a HyFlex Classroom means employing intentional techniques that optimize the technology in the room to build community and give students equitable access to a unique learning collaboration.

HyFlex Classrooms

Discover CSULB HyFlex classroom locations and equipment available to deliver a high-quality student learning experience for all modes of interaction.

HyFlex Instruction

What is a HyFlex Course? Learn more about this multi-modal teaching approach and how students can participate.

HyFlex Student Assistant Program

Sign up for a HyFlex Student Assistant and get personalized, technical support for your HyFlex Classroom.

HyFlex Instructional Techniques Program

Register for our upcoming faculty professional development program to learn about creating an engaging HyFlex learning environment.