HyFlex Classrooms and Instruction

A HyFlex Classroom is more than just a physical space; it's an ecosystem that merges virtual with local. Teaching in a HyFlex Classroom means employing intentional techniques that optimize the technology in the room to build community and give students equitable access to a unique learning collaboration.

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HyFlex Classrooms

Discover CSULB HyFlex classroom locations and equipment available to deliver a high-quality student learning experience for all modes of interaction.

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HyFlex Instruction

What is a HyFlex Course? Learn more about this multi-modal teaching approach and how students can participate.

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HyFlex Student Assistant Program

Sign up for a HyFlex Student Assistant and get personalized, technical support for your HyFlex Classroom.

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HyFlex Instructional Techniques Program

Register for our upcoming faculty professional development program to learn about creating an engaging HyFlex learning environment.