Canvas Integrations Requests

The ATS Canvas Support Team is dedicated to maintaining an accessible, secure, and stable environment that reflects current updates, patches, and upgrades. Each LTI requires researching, testing, ICT review, installation, support pages, and user support.

New Tool Considerations

Before submitting your request, consider the following questions:

  • Is this software related to publishers, digital textbooks, or supplemental educational resources? (See D1DA FAQs)
  • Will your college/department pay for this software?
  • Will this software be used by a whole college or multiple colleges?
  • Will the college or department sponsor this plugin for a large number of users (faculty/students)?
  • Is it really free? Are there student fees?

  • Do they have an Accessibility Conformance Report (also known as "Voluntary Product Accessibility Template") within 18 months? 
  • Do they have an Accessibility Statement and/or a process for requesting accessibility support?
  • Does the vendor have any 3rd party accessibility review or any other accessibility, security, and privacy documentation? 
  • Are all video assets captioned and audio content transcribed accurately?
  • If software relies on live video (e.g. Zoom), are closed captions available to use? Captions are required when using live video on campus.
  • Are all activities navigable using only a keyboard? To test this, use the "tab" key to jump between links. If you cannot see a focus indicator or if the content is missed, some accommodation must be provided for accessibility purposes.

  • Will there be any data stored on the vendor’s platform?
  • Is there a retention policy? A period in which data would be stored with the vendor and removed after a specified period such as the end of the semester or year.
  • Can you specify what type of data is being stored? (See CSULB Information  Classification Standard)

If your college/department wants to sponsor or purchase a plugin/LTI, please contact, so that we can start the ICT Review. This is not a guarantee that the software will be installed. All criteria must be met before installation can be considered. 

If this does not meet the requirements, not all external tools have to be installed into the Canvas system. Some will work within your course only and you can install them yourself. Students can also use outside software without installation into Canvas.