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M.S. in Kinesiology, Option in Sport and Exercise Psychology

The Sport and Exercise Psychology Master of Science program is designed to prepare students for careers in sport and exercise psychology, in particular as athletic performance enhancement specialists and/or as researchers and teachers in academic settings.  The Sport and Exercise Psychology Master of Science program consists of 36 units. Students are required to take core classes, elective courses, and have the option to complete a thesis or comprehensive exam/capstone. Courses are designed to facilitate those seeking AASP certification and applied opportunities are available for students to accumulate mentored experience hours.  The curriculum, as well as research and applied activities, are well suited for students interested in pursuing doctoral education, (Psy.D./Ph.D.).


  • Dr. Alison Ede is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach. She received her M.S. in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology from the University of North Texas and her PhD in Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity from Michigan State University. Her current research focus is in exercise psychology, specifically examining social aspects of exercise that can be improved to promote healthier exercise environments. Current studies include examining effectiveness of trainer-client relationships, social networks in exercise, and body image among fitness professionals and exercisers. Past research projects have included the use of group dynamics principles to promote improved exercise outcomes among a variety of populations (astronauts, pregnant women, and college students). In addition to research, Dr. Ede also teaches courses in sport psychology, exercise psychology, sport in U.S. culture, and research methods. 
  • Dr. Jana Fogaca, CMPC, is an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology Department at California State University, Long Beach. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Federal University of RS (Brazil). She also has two master's degrees, one in Sport and Exercise Psychology from University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and one in Counseling from West Virginia University, where she also completed her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Her research interests include professional development in sport psychology, applied sport psychology, and positive youth development. She hopes to contribute to the conitnuous improvement of the sport and exercise psychology profession through her research in supervision and training and in applied sport psychology. She is also interested in teaching mental skills to young exercisers to improve their well-being and success beyond sports.
  • Dr. Leilani Madrigal,  CMPC, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach. She received her B.A. and M.A. in General Psychology from California State University San Marcos and Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her scholarly impact on the field of sport psychology heavily lies on the examination of mental toughness, particularly on measurement and development of this positive characteristic. She hopes to help coaches create optimal learning environments for athletes at the high school and collegiate level of competition by utilizing evidence-based strategies to build mental toughness that can be tracked and observed by both coaches and athletes in a given season. Her current research is on developing interventions on coaching training to build mental toughness, as well as develop observational tools to assess mentally tough behaviors in sports such as volleyball and basketball.

Why Long Beach

Our students have opportunities for research and consulting and have shown great success in these areas. Between 2016 and 2020, our students and faculty had:

  • 28 AASP national presentations (22 co-authored with students)
  • 27 national presentations (non- AASP conferences)
  • 30 publications from faculty (9 co-authored with students)
  • 2 AASP grants awarded (2017 AASP research grant; 2019 AASP Community Grant)
  • 3 students have received national awards (i.e., 2018 AASP Master’s Practice Award, 2018 American Kinesiology Award, 2019 APA Division 47 Master’s Thesis Award)
  • 18 graduate students successfully completed a thesis study (11 of whom working on publishing or have published their work)
  • 37 students have obtained supervised consulting hours across 26 placement sites
  • 5 students received Graduate Research Fellowships to support their research in the 2nd year of the program
  • 2 students received College Outstanding Thesis award

While at CSULB, you may have the opportunity for applied consulting experiences. Second year students serve as lead consutlants with teams, and first year students may be placed as shadow consultants following their completion of KIN 572. However, please note that we have a process for placing students with teams, and no students should consult without our knowledge or supervision. Consulting is a privilege, and students are not placed with teams until we feel they are ready to represent CSULB appropriately. Interested students should inform advisors of their interest to begin the process. Currently, we have placements with NCAA Varsity and Club sports, High  School teams, ROTC, and competitive clubs.

Consulting at CSULB (PDF)


Required Coursework (21 units):

  • KIN 512 – Professional Ethics and Standards in Sport and Exercise Psychology (3 units)
  • KIN 572 – Applied Sport Psychology (3 units)
  • KIN 574 – Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology (3 units)
  • KIN 576 – Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • KIN 577 – Sport in U.S. Culture
  • KIN 578 – Psychological Aspect of Exercise and Fitness
  • KIN 696 - Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (3 units)

Elective Courses (9 units):

Select three of the following courses:

  • KIN 529 – Positive Youth Development and Physical Activity (3 units)
  • KIN 575 – Psychology of Coaching (3 units)
  • KIN 579 – Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury (3 units)
  • KIN 630 – Seminar in Motor Learning (3 units)
  • KIN 633 – Seminar in Sport Psychology (3 units)
  • KIN 697 – Directed Studies (1-3 units)

Select option A or B (6 units):

A. Thesis/Project: Complete KIN 698 (6 units)

B. Complete a capstone project by enrolling in KIN 694 and complete three (3) units from Elective courses

How to Apply

You have to complete four steps to apply:

  1. Fill out Cal State Apply application.
  2. Submit official transcripts to Enrollment Services (DO NOT send transcripts to the Kinesiology department). Currently enrolled CSULB undergraduate students do not need to submit transcripts.
  3. Upload statement of purpose and resume/CV directly to Cal State Apply.
  4. Submit names and email addresses of 3 people who will write recommendation letters for you via Cal State Apply. They will be emailed a link and should upload a letter using that system.
  5. Email Dr. Ede ( with any questions.

You can more details in our graduate application package (WORD).

Professional Organizations

We encourage students to join at least one professional organization.  If you wish to become certified, you should make joining AASP a priority.  Please also consider attending their national conferences.  Several of our second-year students present at both AASP and NASPSPA, and we encourage first-year students to attend as the networking and experience gained is invaluable.