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M.A. in Kinesiology, Option in Individualized Studies

Master of Arts in Kinesiology: Option Individualized Option in Pedagogical Studies (36 units):

Students may apply up to 12 post-baccalaureate units towards the M.A. Students who graduated from other Teacher Certification programs may substitute other post-baccalaureate courses.

Up to 9 post-baccalaureate units at the 400 level may be applied towards the M.A. 

An additional 3 elective units must be at either the 500 or 600 level.      


Required Courses (select 9 units from the following courses or comparable courses): 

  • EDSE 435 U.S. Secondary Schools: Intercultural Education (3)
  • EDSE 436: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Classroom Management(3)
  • EDSE 457: Reading and Writing in Secondary Schools (3)
  • EDSS 450p: Curriculum and Planning (3)
  • EDSS 473p: Student Teaching Seminar (3)

The remaining 24 units are offered in the Department of Kinesiology over a two-year period. 

See a sample schedule below:

Year 1 Fall

KIN 580 Computer Application in Physical Education (3)

KIN 528 Promoting Physical Activity and Fitness in K-12 Physical Education (3)

Year 1 Spring

KIN 575 Psychology of Sport (3)

KIN 522 Non-traditional Activities in K-12 Physical Education (3)

Year 2 Fall

KIN 525 Instructional Design in Physical Education (3)

KIN 524 Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education (3)

Year 2 Spring

KIN 696 Research Methods & Statistical Analysis (3)

KIN 694 Capstone in Kinesiology (3)


* KIN 526 & 537 may be substituted, with instructor permission, for any of the above courses except KIN 524, 525, or 696.

The two courses that are offered each term meet on the same night of the week from 6-10 PM.  The first course meets for eight weeks with an additional two Saturday sessions scheduled in order to bring the total instruction time to 45 hours.  The second course meets for the 2nd eight weeks of the semester with an additional two Saturday sessions scheduled to bring the total instruction time to 45 hours.  Classes are offered on a rotating year basis so the group, entering the program in the Fall of even years, will start with the Year 1 courses and then take the Year 2 courses the following year).