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Faculty & Staff

Maria Claver

Dr. Maria Claver

Program Director & Professor

Phone: 562.985.4495


Office Location: FCS Faculty Office 11

Maria Claver is a Professor of Gerontology and Director of the CSULB Gerontology Program. She teaches several courses offered by the Gerontology Program, including Social Policy & Aging, Global Aging, and Women and Aging: Lessons from the Golden Girls. She most enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration and curriculum development. Her research has focused on emergency management and older veterans and she is embarking on exploration of a new topic - Age Friendly Universities.

Mary Marshall

Dr. Mary Marshall

Assistant Professor

Phone: 562.985.4483


Office Location: FCS Faculty Office 6

Mary Marshall is an Assistant Professor of Gerontology at California State University Long Beach. Mary completed her PhD at Purdue University earning a dual-title degree in Human Development & Family Studies and Gerontology. Her research interests include how families communicate about health, how students benefit from service-learning, and how aspects of college classrooms influence learning (i.e. course structure, mentorship experiences).

Iveres Martinez

Dr. Iveris Martinez

Professor and Archstone Foundation Endowed Chair in Gerontology

Phone: 562.985.2079


Office Location: FDN - 150

Iveris L. Martinez is the Archstone Foundation Endowed Chair in Gerontology and Director of the Center for Successful Aging at Long Beach State University. Professor Martinez is an applied anthropologist who has received funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Macarthur Foundation, and others for her research on social and cultural factors influencing health, with an emphasis in aging, Latinx, and minority populations. Her current interests include addressing disparities in services for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, interventions to address social isolation, as well as interprofessional efforts to promote aging in place.  She has a joint Ph.D. in Anthropology and Population & Family Health Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University.

Casey Goeller

Mr. Casey Goeller

Lecturer, GERN 400 Coordinator


Office Location: FCS Faculty Office 1

Casey Goeller has been a lecturer in the Gerontology program for the past 10 years and coordinates our capstone Gerontology 400 course.  In addition to this position, he serves as a co-coordinator for Quality Assurance on campus.  His areas of interest are lifelong learning, successful aging, and online pedagogy.  Prior to his academic career, he was involved in a number of fields within the private sector.

Elena Lonescu

Ms. Elena Ionescu

Lecturer, Service Learning Coordinator

Phone: 562.985.4484


Office Location: SSPA 011

Elena Ionescu is a full-time Lecturer in the Gerontology Program at California State University, Long Beach and a part-time Instructor at Santa Ana College. Before entering academia, she worked as a Behavioral Analyst and as a Therapeutic Counselor. Her passion is to inspire others and to instill a hope for success. Whether it is in the classroom working with students, in the community working with older adults, or working with fellow gerontologists, she has always looked at ways to improve not only herself, but also others around her. Elena’s research interests include:  inclusive teaching and practice in health and psycho-social care, healthy aging, conflict resolution, elder abuse, caregiving, dementia behavior, sex health and sexual behavior among older adults, and mental health advocacy. 

Miriam Henan

Ms. Miriam Henan


Phone: 562.985.7005


Office Location: SSPA 011

Miriam has five years combined experience instructing at a community college as well as CSULB. She has instructed students of all ages, from 18-108 years old. She is most interested in researching communication with older adults that have cognitive impairment. She is also passionate about researching best practices in communication with the older adult in an educational setting. She wrote a curriculum titled "Healthy Aging after 60" that has been implemented in the Older Adult Program at a local community College District.

Cynthia Schlesinger

Ms. Cynthia Schlesinger



Cynthia graduated from the first CSULB Master's in Gerontology Program class in 1997 and has been an instructor in the department since 1998.  Her areas of interest are retirement, estate planning and positive aging.  She is passionate about inspiring and encouraging students to outline and start a plan for their own successful aging pathway now, rather than waiting until crisis happens.

Michael Hill

Mr. Michael Hill



Michael teaches Program Evaluation and Introduction to Gerontology for CSU Long Beach, as well as Biostatistics and research methods classes at Brandman University.  He has over nine years of experience in urban K-12 education and eight years of experience as an instructor and administrator in post-secondary education.  He worked internationally to evaluate the implementation of educational programs and is a visiting expert at the Beijing Institute of Education, Chaoyang, Beijing, China. His research focuses on the use of quantitative methods to better understand the efficacy of educational and social policies, particularly related to technology use.