Alumni Quotes

Ellen Wong


The gerontology program has given me the opportunity to mentor, support, and network with current and future gerontologists. The program is supportive of its current students and alumni who work to address the needs and concerns of aging adults.

Ellen Wong, MSG
Living Opportunities Management Company (LOMCO)

Tony Fay


The Gerontology Program’s ongoing impact on my life is immeasurable. The Program’s leadership empowered me to pursue a career in aging and I have established employment where I directly improve the lives of seniors. I’m living the dream and I credit the Gerontology Program at Long Beach State"

John Fay, MSG

Nakia Thierry


The program prepared me to be a leader within the field of Gerontology and has allotted me the opportunity to share my experiences with future Gerontology leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to the CSULB Gerontology program curriculum, the dedicated faculty and the determined past, present and future students, we can all rest assured that the aging population is in good hands!

Nakia Thierry, MSG

Lauren Gelgur Graduate




During my time at CSULB, I was able to network and connect with so many individuals in the field that I would not have been able to without the Gerontology program. It was 100% worth the investment to further my education and helped me to be better connected to those in the field of aging. It was hands down the best decision I ever made and I am forever grateful to the faculty and connections I made during my educational experience!

Lauren Gelgur, MSG, CPG

Kathy Harrel Photo


“We are pilgrims on a journey, we are travelers on the road. We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.” This verse from The Servant’s Song inspired how my siblings and I supported our Mom on her aging journey. CSULB has given me the tools necessary to extend the good work into the community, my community.

Kathy Harrel - MSG 2019

Pamela Mokler Photo

Attending the CSULB Gerontology program and receiving my Master of Science degree in Gerontology was a life-changing experience. Twenty-three years later, and I am still as passionate about improving the health and quality of lives of older adults.  I was in the first class of Master’s students and loved every minute primarily because of the program's strong experiential emphasis. I made connections through community projects and my thesis with people who truly inspired me, gave me many career opportunities and have become lifelong friends. Go Beach!

Pamela Mokler, MSG

President, Pamela Mokler & Associates, Inc.


I am grateful to the CSULB Gerontology program faculty, industry leaders I had the pleasure to meet and the great knowledge imparted to me by all of them.

Montserrat Ruiz Salvat, MSG

Gamboa Photo

I have always had an interest in the older adult population. Growing up, I was very close with my grandparents, and was able to see the struggles they faced entering into their "Senior" years. The CSULB Master's in Gerontology program helped me gather the information and tools I needed to not only help my grandparents, first-hand, but to enter the workforce with a strong educational background. I am so grateful to my experience in the GERO program because it continues to help me succeed in my personal and professional life.

Desirae (Gamboa) Moncayo, MSG

Deputy Public Guardian 

Salgado Photo

The CSULB Gerontology Program has enabled me to have a career doing something that has great meaning and I am passionate about. I would not have known of the different opportunities that exist and the many paths one could take with a Masters in Gerontology if it was not for the mentors I had and the connections I made.


Guadalupe Salgado, MSG

Emeritus Instructor -Santa Monica College/Santa Ana College


Ginder Photo

The Gerontology Program helped me excel in the field of helping older adults in the community and understand their needs. I started as an intern at the Long Beach Senior Center and was fortunate to be offered a position as one of their senior program coordinators. With all of the knowledge and experience from the program, I get to share it with my colleagues. We were able to create plans for senior needs. I got to know community leaders, became part of LB projects for older adults, and was lucky to implement some of the goals to fulfil their needs.

Frances Xavier Ginder
M.S. Gerontology

Darling photo


The CSULB Gerontology program has definitely contributed to my success as a Gerontologist. In many aspects of my life, I have incorporated the skills developed and knowledge learned while in the program as I was able to work as an older adult case manager, become an assessment coordinator to help seniors get approved for services in their homes, and am now working as a counselor at a psychiatric hospital where there is a geriatric unit.  I was able to expand my arsenal as well as share my experiences and knowledge with other individuals who are familiar with gerontology as well as those who are unfamiliar. Being in the program gave me the opportunity to connect with various individuals on so many levels. All thanks to CSULB! 

Antanique Darling 

MSG, 2018


Dillon photo



I admit at times I was kicking and screaming through this masters program. In hindsight it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I landed my dream job as an executive director then exceeded my goal of moving up to the home office. I am currently with Merrill Gardens as the home office support for 60 memory cares in 20 states. I know completing the masters accelerated my career and I am so blessed to help so many people.

Melissa Dillon, MSG


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