CJC Speaker Series - Christopher Seeds

CJC Speaker series - Christopher Seeds Flyer

The CCJ Critical Justice Committee invites you to join us for an in-person talk by Dr. Christopher Seeds from UC Irvine on his new book,Death By Prison --- on Tuesday, April 11, from 12:30-1:30PM at The Horn Center (Room 120). Dr. Seeds is a former capital defense attorney whose law firm helped abolish the death penalty in the state of New York. He recently published Death By Prison, which explores the rise of Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP) sentencing in the U.S., and its future consequences for our prison system. This is a great opportunity to learn about the rapid growth of LWOP sentencing, its relationship to the rise of mass incarceration, Supreme Court rulings on life sentencing, and the overall impact of LWOP on incarcerated people, criminal legal policies, and social inequality.