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Beach Women in Engineering Conference

Envisioning the Future

Celebrate being part of a vibrant and growing community of women studying engineering and attend the Beach Women in Engineering Conference from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 in the CSULB University Student Union.

This exciting one-day event features:

  • 2 Tech Tracks with high-level panelists discussing future technologies
  • Professional Track to get help you lay the foundation for your future
  • Coaching Circles to help you create a future vision for success
  • Industry Panels to prepare you for your future engineering career
  • Mobile App to help build your future network

Click on the links below to access session presentations:

Network with other engineering majors, faculty, and industry leaders, and hear from women engineers who’ve gone on to become successful in their fields. Join us for this not-to-be-missed conference, and you’ll come away informed, enthused, and inspired.

Thanks for attending!

Coaching Circles

Connect with successful women from the engineering field in an hour-long session. Click on the links below to access Coaching Circle presentations.

  • Building and Maintaining Networks: Trusted relationships can not only help you get established, but provide the foundation for lifelong professional growth and development.
  • Finding Internships: Learn new strategies for landing an internship to lay your career foundation.
  • Starting a New Job: Measure success on your own terms, while maintaining work-life balance and avoiding imposter syndrome.
  • Importance of Mentoring: Having a mentor can put your career on a growth trajectory. And being a mentor can be just as rewarding and beneficial.
  • Finding the Right Engineering Major: Understanding current hiring trends and what engineers really do at work can get you started on the path that fits.

Featured Speakers

Kim Armstrong

Gina Bibby

Camila Bortoluzzi


Dana Cabbell


Jessica Drake

Tracey Espero


Nicki Sparks


Nell Finigan

Georgia Griffiths

Susan Hayes

Jean Ji

Irene Lee

Debbie Meeks

Saeideh Mogharehabed

Hana M.

Gina Orozco

Lamia Porter

Jinny Rhee

Elizabeth Roney

Chavi Singal

Dinamarie Stefani

Laura Sturr

Mina Taheri

Mary Teichert

Megan Traner

Chantal Triay

Rosa Trujillo

Jessica Vo

Serena Wachli