CHE Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email Office_Hours
Dr. Roger C. Lo Professor/Chair EN2-100 562.985.1508 TH 10AM (or by appt.)
Dr. Ehsan Barjasteh Associate Professor/ Graduate Advisor EN2-102 562.985.2260 M 6-7PM
Dr. Maryam Haddad Assistant Professor VEC-405 No instruction F22
Michael Hom Part-time Lecturer VEC-219G 562.985.7533 TBD
Dr. Ji-Hwan Kang Assistant Professor EN2-100A 562.985.7934 TTH 9:30–11:30AM (or by appt.)
Dr. Mahdi Khademi Part-time Lecturer VEC-219C T 6-7PM
Dr. Wan Jae Lee Full-time Lecturer VEC-219G M 10-11AM, W 9:30-10:30AM and 6-7PM, and F 1-2PM (or by appt.)
Dr. Sergio Mendez Associate Professor/Undergraduate Advisor EN2-100B 562.985.7532 MTW 1-3PM (Zoom) 
Dr. Sara Moghtadernejad Assistant Professor EN2-104A 562.985.7534 T 3:30-4:30PM (in-person and Zoom)
Behzad Nazar Part-time Lecturer EN4-124 F 3-4PM (by appt.)
Dr. Isik Onal Part-time Lecturer TBD
Dr. Khalid Rafique Part-time Lecturer VEC-303A 562.985.5118 W 12-45-1:45PM (or by appt.)
Dr. Tongzhou Wang Part-time Lecturer VEC-219C 562.985.5118 F (by appt.) 
Joshua Savas Wilson Part-time Lecturer TBD
Dr. Yu Yang Assistant Professor EN2-106 562.985.4411 TH 3:30-5PM (Via Zoom)