Christian Bracho

Christian A. Bracho is an assistant professor in the Teacher Education Department in the College of Education, where he is also program coordinator of the Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum & Instruction program. A Southern California native, he received his master’s degree and teaching credential at the University of Rochester, and worked as an English teacher and teacher trainer around Los Angeles County for 12 years. After completing his Ph.D. in International Education from New York University, he was a professorial lecturer in American University’s International Training and Education Program, and later worked at the University of La Verne.

His research interests include Mexican teacher movements, teacher identity, Latinx communities, queer theory, and Hispanic-serving institutions. He is co-editor of the volume Teachers Teaching Nonviolence (DIO Press, 2020), and his work has been published in the Journal of Homosexuality, Forum for International Research in Education, and Politics & Policy. He serves as associate vice president of praxis on the board of the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE), and is an associate editor of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.


Ph.D., International Education — New York University

M.S., Secondary English Curriculum — University of Rochester

B.A., English and Comparative Literature — University of Rochester

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