M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education

The Master of Arts Degree in Education, option in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education (C & I Secondary) is a 30-33 unit program that focuses on the development of educators who are caring, effective, reflective, and committed to improving their schools.  Coursework prepares teachers to apply theoretical insights and research findings to the practical problems they encounter in their work in curriculum and instruction.  In addition to preparing graduate students to make useful connections between theory, research, and practice, the program also sets the goal of strengthening students’ ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding of current educational problems to diverse audiences (i.e., students, parents, colleagues, school and district administrators, and policymakers).  The C & I Secondary program serves two distinct types of students.  One type of student is the new teacher.  Many of the teachers beginning this program continue directly from the basic credential programs; they seek continuing and ongoing professional development during their first years of teaching.  A second type is an experienced teacher.  These students have already obtained a sense of confidence and efficacy in their teaching abilities and seek greater intellectual challenges in understanding educational problems that are manifested in their professional experiences, mostly in urban education.  The curriculum has been broadly designed with these two types of students in mind.

Candidates are admitted for Fall semester only. Two separate applications are required: one to the university and one to the program. Program applications, guidelines and submission deadlines are available online or in the Graduate Studies Office (ED1-Room 7; 562/985-8476). Applications to the university are available at Enrollment Services in Brotman Hall (562/985-4571) or online at csumentor.edu.

A valid single subject or secondary teaching credential, or permission of the program Advisor, is a prerequisite. A minimum of 21 units must be taken at the 500 level or above; a minimum of 21 units must be taken in residence at CSULB; a maximum of 6 units may be taken through University College and Extension Services.

Candidates writing a thesis should meet early with the Advisor to discuss potential topics, appropriate research methods courses, establishing a thesis committee and other requirements. Thesis candidates should take a research design course (and additional methods courses, if necessary) after the thesis topic has been determined. Their Concentration should be on research methods or content appropriate for their thesis.