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Legal Resource Center

The Legal Resource Center has the resources you need to assist you to find the answers to your legal issues, and if requested,  can arrange for a free consultation with a licensed attorney. Issues include but not limited to, the following:

  • Service of  a civil summons or discovery request
  • Automobile accidents
  • Workers compensation
  • Employment matters
  • Starting a business
  • Tenant issues
  • Legal and contract forms
  • Understanding legal terms in transactions
  • Intellectual Property - trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents
  • Housing discrimination
  • Expunge your Criminal Record
  • Construction issues
  • Small Claims and other civil matters
  • Searching public records

The Legal Resource Center is also open to CSULB staff, faculty and other community stakeholder; however, CSULB Faculty and Staff can also obtain legal information by accessing the New Employee Assistance Program called  LifeMatters . 

The Legal Resource Center also has many volunteer opportunities for interested students in all majors.

Mission Statement

The CSULB College of Business Legal Resource Center (LRC) is committed to assisting undergraduate and graduate students in having access to legal resources and opportunities that will further achieve their educational goals.

Values Statement

The CSULB College of Business Legal Resource Center (LRC) believes that all students should have access to legal resources necessary to accomplish their graduate and undergraduate educational goals. As such, the LRC values legal and ethical actions, innovative efforts and solutions to environmental challenges, resolve of injustice in the treatment of individuals, and collaborative efforts through interdisciplinary initiatives. The LRC is committed to empowering students through legal knowledge, clearing pathways to future educational endeavors and achievements.