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Disclaimer:  Please use this form to ask questions about the policies and procedures of the COB Legal Resource Center or to arrange an appointment to discuss your legal question. All CSULB Information Privacy Policy apply.

Please review our website resources for further assistance. You can also contact the below sources for further assistance.

Please do not use this form to indicate legal actions or complaints, the COB Legal Resource Center is here to give legal resources and not receive your legal issues in any official University capacity.  Please find and use the official complaint procedures found in the current University Catalog, Thank you.

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Notice: The CSULB College of Business Legal Resource Center (LRC) Does Not Provide Legal Advice And Does Not Establish Or Create A Client-Attorney Relationship or Any Representation With Any Student(s) Seeking Legal Resources.

  • Current CSU or other University Students with proof of enrollment may schedule and/or receive an appointment or information. Proof of enrollment may be requested. 
  • The LRC requests all communications to be facilitated with their respective university email.
  • All students must read and sign an acknowledgment of receipt of these guidelines prior to seeing an LRC representative and any other documentation required.
  • The LRC  is solely to assist in providing resources to assist in legal issues.
  • All LRC operations, documentation, and the personal information of those involved shall remain strictly confidential.
  • The LRC has established hours but will also accommodate students upon request.
  • The LRC will take appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The LRC reserves the right to schedule an appointment with a student who has an imminent and time-sensitive issue.
  • The LRC does not refer or assist in legal matters involving disputes between university employees, agencies, or their representatives.
  • All publications or material of the LRC shall not be distributed to students unless written permission is received from a legal clinic representative.
  • The LRC will not assist students who already retained an attorney for the issue you are bringing to the legal center.
  • The LRC reserves the right to refuse service to any student at its sole discretion.

NOTICE: Legal complaints against the Campus are to use the Offical Complaint System that process is located in the Current University Catalog


See the Guidelines above.
If your matter involves sexual assault, stalking, harassment, or Title IV matters,  to obtain confidential resources without filing a police reportcontactCampus Sexual Assault Advocate 562.985.2668, for police reportingCSULB Police Reportingor to locatefree CSULB Confidential Support.