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Student Instructions

Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) is a questionnaire that offers you the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to your instructor to help guide them in planning and improving their future course selections.

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Watch this 2-minute video to help you
quickly find your SPOT evaluations.

Accessing SPOT

During the last three weeks of the semester before classes end, you will receive an email from "" containing survey link(s) to all of your SPOT questionnaires. The email will be sent to your email account.

SPOT questionnaires can also be found on your BeachBoard homepage. Regardless of how you access SPOT, you may only submit one questionnaire per course.

Get Started with SPOT on BeachBoard:

  1. Log in to BeachBoard and locate the "My CSULB Surveys" widget on the left side of your home page. Courses to be administered will be listed there.   
  2. Review the course titles and instructors' names to ensure you are filling out SPOT for the correct instructor and course.
  3. Click on a course title to open the questionnaire and get started.
  4. Submit the evaluation before the last day of classes. SPOT is not open during finals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does SPOT begin and end each semester?

The SPOT administration window is the last three weeks of classes and must be submitted by 11:59pm on the last day of classes.  SPOT cannot be submitted after the close date. 

Students will receive an email notification at the start of the SPOT administration window. The SPOT link will also then appear on your BeachBoard homepage in the "My CSULB Surveys" widget. The end date can be found next to the SPOT link on the same widget.

Where do I find SPOT?

Look for the "My CSULB Surveys" widget on the left side of your BeachBoard home page under "My Courses" (sample below). The courses that have been selected for evaluation are listed on the widget as links. Click on the course title to open the evaluation.

My CSULB Survey Widget:

my survey widget

What if my course is not listed?

There are a few factors that may affect whether or not you see a specific course listed for SPOT administration:

  • Has the administration period begun?  SPOT is open during for three weeks before the last day of classes.
  • The course may not have been selected for SPOT administration due to low enrollment or other administrative reasons.
  • You may have already completed it. You will see a green checkmark instead of an arrow.
  • If a course is listed that you are not enrolled in, or if the course title, number or instructor's name are incorrect, please notify

If you have any concerns, contact

Can I pause SPOT and finish later?

Yes, but only if you do NOT submit the form. If you pause without submitting, you can return to the form with your answers intact.  The course listing dates in the My CSULB Surveys widget will turn red when you are getting close to the deadline. SPOT is not accepted after the closing deadline.

What if I make an error?

There is no way to correct SPOT after submitting the form.  Be sure to verify that you are filling out the form for the correct instructor and that you are selecting the scale points correctly. You should do this every time before submitting a SPOT form.

Are evaluations anonymous?

Yes. When completing an online SPOT evaluation, your user identity information is stored separately. However, instructors receive summaries after the end of the semester which include your answers to the open-ended questions. If you wish to remain anonymous, don't include personal or specific information that may identify you in these answers.

When do instructors view evaluations?

Instructors receive summaries only after final grades have been posted for the semester.

Summaries are also provided to department chairs. If appropriate, department chairs may notify deans if there are any concerns. Summarized results are also placed in the faculty personnel files maintained in the Office of the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs.