Kaltura Usage Policies

Content creators who place media on CSULB’s Kaltura platform are responsible for the content of their videos. This includes ensuring that the content complies with applicable U.S. copyright laws and guidelines. Media uploaded by content creators into Kaltura must support the academic or administrative endeavors of the university and follow CSULB’s Copyright and Fair Use Policy. 

Use of the Kaltura platform is broadly defined into two categories:  

  • Content creators are users that use Kaltura tools to create media and/or place media onto the Kaltura system.  
  • Viewers are users who view or access media that is hosted on the Kaltura system. 

Kaltura and CSULB do not assume ownership or responsibility for the content uploaded by CSULB content creators. Ownership and/or responsibility for the content lies solely with the content creator who created and/or placed the content into the Kaltura platform. 

The Kaltura media platform is not intended to be used as a backup or a data storage service. Content creators are expected to retain original source files as their backup. Media stored on the Kaltura platform that has not been accessed within 24 months will be tagged as inactive. Media not accessed within 24 months will be permanently deleted. Access is defined as a single viewer viewing the media. Content creators can maintain access to resources by viewing the content at least once every 24 months.  

Please note: this policy is separate from the Zoom cloud storage limit of 180 days.

The Kaltura platform is a secure system. It can be used to provide controlled access to media (to a group, to students registered in a class, to an individual, or public access).

Content creators are responsible for ensuring that appropriate access is indicated for their media. 

The Kaltura platform should not be used under any circumstances for media or content that contains private information. Refer to the CSULB’s Information Classification Standard for guidance relating to what constitutes private information.  

The Kaltura system allows content creators to create, upload, control access and delete their own media without staff intervention.

  • In the event a content creator deletes their media, it is not retrievable.

As a best practice, it is recommended to save original media files in a separate, personal storage device.

Additional policies apply to all users of the Kaltura system.