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PlayPosit Interactive Video

PlayPosit is a web-based tool that allows instructors to convert streamed or uploaded video into an immersive, learning-focused student experience. Instructors can create active learning exercises with PlayPosit by inserting pauses into videos and adding polls, multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, and other interactive assessments for student reflection. 

  • Assessment:  PlayPosit can capture information about student engagement with analytics to understand how well students internalize essential information from a video.
  • Accessibility:  PlayPosit adheres to leading global accessibility standards, including U.S. Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.3. Features such as the ability to change font size and type, have questions read aloud and captions are included.
  • Security:  PlayPosit is built with security and privacy in mind and maintains FERPA compliance.

Campus Rollout in 2021

During the Spring and Summer 2021, Academic Technology Services will be testing the PlayPosit integration with BeachBoard and developing support materials to assist faculty. If you are interested in joining our test group, contact and include your course name and number. 

We'll make campus-wide announcements when it's ready to launch!  We look forward to providing support for this tool that will bring more options for teaching and learning to the campus.