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PlayPosit for Students

PlayPosit is an interactive video tool within BeachBoard that transforms videos into learning activities with embedded questions, discussion threads, polls, hot spots, and more. Your instructors can create custom interactive videos (called “bulbs”) to share in your course.

To access and participate in PlayPosit activities, follow the steps below (Download the PDF if desired):

Getting Started

Note: PlayPosit works with most web browsers. If you encounter issues, it is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome on your preferred device (there is no PlayPosit app).

  1. Select the bulb link in the BeachBoard content module. The words "External Learning Tool" will appear below it:
    Playposit interactive video bulb link
  2. The link will open the video in BeachBoard. Play the video, then view options using these buttons:
    1. show / hide iconShow/hide sidebar
    2. sidebar tab iconSidebar tabs (bulb overview, note-taking, and transcript)
    3. video setting iconVideo settings (full-screen, volume, closed captions, and video speed)  
  3. As interactions appear, respond to them to progress through the bulb.

  4. If the bulb is graded, make sure you see the green check mark at the end of the video to confirm you have completed the bulb:

Grading in Bulb Assignments

  • Bulb interactions may be automatically or manually graded.
  • If a bulb has both auto-graded and manually graded questions, you will see an initial score that includes only the auto-graded questions. Your instructor will be able to complete the manual grading later.
  • Bulb scores are converted proportionally into BeachBoard grade points. For example, a score of 8 out of 10 bulb points could become 80/100 in BeachBoard.
  • Bulbs that are not graded may appear as BeachBoard content module links as well. They can also be external URL links or embedded in a page.

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