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For Spring 2024, please refer to the information in the sidebar to the right for current availability for drop-in advising and scheduled advising appointments.


The Spring 2024 BFA application cycle is now closed. BFA Admission decisions will be sent to current students by early next week.


Check out our list of video tutorials in the drop-down menu below for step-by-step guides on common questions.


Need help with advising?

Academic advising is available for currently enrolled students who are art majors or art minors, or current students who are interested in exploring an art major or art minor.

Art Advisors are available for drop-in advising and scheduled advising appointments, both in-person and online (via Zoom). Please refer to the information in the sidebar to the right for up-to-date availability.

Drop-in advising sessions are typically limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.  There will be a wait time in most cases. Students should have their ID number ready to provide to the screener when visiting the Zoom waiting room.

10- or 20-minute advising appointments may be scheduled through Beach Connect. If you cannot schedule an appointment through Beach Connect, please email SOA-Advising@csulb.edu for appointment assistance.

To schedule an appointment through Beach Connect:

  1. Log in to your Single Sign-On
  2. Click on the Beach Connect chiclet
  3. Click on "Get Assistance"
  4. Select "Academic Advising" as the appointment type
  5. Select the service you need assistance with. The service you select will determine whether you are scheduling a 10- or 20-minute appointment (see options below).
  6. Select how you would like to meet: either In Person or Online
  7. Select "School of Art Advising (FA4-102)" for appointment location. Selecting this location will display availability for Art Advisors, even if you are searching for an Online appointment.
  8. Choose your preferred day and time from the options available. If no options are displayed, appointments may be fully booked, or the only appointments available may conflict with your class schedule.
  9. Be sure to confirm your appointment by reviewing the details and clicking "Schedule" to finalize your appointment

10-minute appointments are ideal for registration issues, graduation checks, GE advising, academic policy questions, and BFA eligibility/timely grad unit checks. To schedule a 10-minute appointment, select one of the following options in Beach Connect:

  • Class Schedule Assistance
  • Enrollment Hold
  • General Education (GE) Advising
  • Quick Question

20-minute appointments are for longer conversations about long-term degree planning, changing your major or adding a minor, academic warning, or other complex situations. To schedule a 20-minute appointment, select one of the following options in Beach Connect:

  • Academic Challenges
  • Degree Progress and Planning
  • Explore or Declare Major/Minor
  • General Academic Advising

Students interested in changing their major within the School of Art, can fill out the Change of Major Form.

Advisors will review your eligibility and email you the results of the review.  We will also provide you with a list of recommended courses to take for your first semester.

School of Art has the following art minors:

  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

Students who are eligible to submit an application to declare an art minor can fill out the School of Art Minor Request Form.

Art Advisors will review your eligibility and email you once the review process is complete.  Keep in mind, minors are to be completed within the same timeframe as your major.  You cannot extend your graduation to complete a minor.  If you are unsure if a minor will extend your time, please consult your major advisor.

In order to declare an art minor, several lower division art courses must be completed.  Other eligibility requirements must be met.

Students who have been recently admitted to CSULB School of Art will be contacted in May (Fall admitted) or in December (Spring admitted).  School of Art Advisors will provide newly admitted students guidance on the registration process, and guidance for your list of recommended courses for your first semester.

Prospective students should email SOA-Advising@csulb.edu for any questions. Appointments with advisors are not available at this time.

To schedule a School of Art department tour, please fill out a request.

Please contact University Outreach and School Relations if you are wanting information on The Beach. Outreach is available to help you make an informed decision about your college choice.

If you have already applied, then please contact Enrollment Services for all your application questions as the School of Art Academic Advising Center is unable to answer these questions.

Questions regarding School of Art major options, contact soa-advising@csulb.edu and we might be able to help answer your questions.

Questions regarding applying to the BFA can be found on our BFA Admission page.

Department (School of Art) tours will be canceled for the current semester.   Campus Tours can be found through the University Outreach & School Relations website.

Contact SOA-Advising@csulb.edu for questions regarding the School of Art majors. Admission questions should be directed to the admissions office.

Major Checklists are advising worksheets for individual academic programs based on the current Catalog. They provide students with a summary of the academic requirements for which they will be held responsible for their "catalog year." Major Checklists are designed to help students track the courses they have taken and have left to complete in their major course requirements. These do not include GE requirements. Remember to visit your Academic Requirements Report to identify any missing General Education Requirements still needed to fulfill.

Program Planners and GE patterns could change every academic year.  Remember to view your Academic Requirements Report to identify your current GE pattern and visit the CSULB General Education website for the requirements.

Be sure to check your Academic Requirement Report regularly at MyCSULB to verify that you are on track for graduation.

More Information:

Please check out the video tutorials below for help with common questions:

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