BA in Art, Option in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art degree is a versatile program that allows students to explore a wide range of artistic disciplines. Within this program, students are exposed to an extensive array of artistic avenues. The degree requires courses in both 2D and 3D media, giving students the opportunity to experiment with, offering students a unique platform for experimenting with various techniques and materials. Importantly, while students certainly have the option to choose a specialized focus in line with their individual artistic aspirations, they are not obliged to do so. With the flexibility of nine units dedicated to selecting Studio or AH courses at the upper division level, students have the freedom to either develop a distinct focus or continue their exploration of different artistic disciplines as they see fit. 
The BA in Studio Art degree differs from the BFA in that it is multidisciplinary and offers greater curricular flexibility. This means that students can select from a broader range of art and art history courses. Students are encouraged to combine ideas, techniques, and creative problem-solving in their work. The goal is to help students develop their own unique artistic voice and to hone their connections between concept and media.