BFA in Art, Option in 3D Media: Fiber, Metal, or Wood


The Wood program emphasizes both material and design explorations. Creative problem solving and ingenuity are engaged with fields such as furniture design, concept design, special effects and production design for film, display and exhibition design, fabrication, and sculpture.

Metals and Jewelry

Metals and Jewelry focuses on the exploration, development, and use of metals in the creation of functional and non-functional art ranging from small-scale jewelry to architectural-scale metalwork. Metalsmithing, enameling, holloware, electroplating, anodizing, electroforming, and additional processes are explored by the program.


Fiber is explored as a broad contemporary, cross-disciplinary practice. Coursework covers textile concerns such as hand construction, loom woven and computer-aided structure, both printed and dyed surface design, book arts and papermaking, fiber sculpture methods, and other mixed media. Value is placed on fiber's unique place within a historical and contemporary worldview.