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Apply to Graduate (Undergraduate)

In order to be awarded a degree, you must apply to graduate online via MyCSULB Student Center.  Applying for graduation is the only way to announce candidacy and officially graduate/receive a degree from CSULB. Participating in your college commencement ceremony does not indicate you have received a degree.  The following FAQ's gives you a step-by-step guide to applying to graduate and what to expect in the process until you receive your diploma. 


What Do I Need to Do Before I Apply to Graduate?

The 6 Things You Need to do Before You Apply to Graduate Online:

1. Attempt the GPE.  
Contact the Testing Department, Liberal Arts 5, Room 173 or by phone 562.985.4007 if you have not attempted the GPE.

2. Maintain Good Academic Standing.
You must maintain at least a 2.00 GPA in each of the following areas:

  • All coursework completed at CSULB (CSULB cumulative GPA)
  • All transferable college coursework plus coursework completed at CSULB (overall cumulative GPA) 

3. Have NO Financial Obligiation to CSULB.  
Please contact Student Financial Services BH 148, 562.985.8280 if you have any financial obligations to CSULB.

4. Check your unofficial transcript, Academic Requirements Report or Degree Planner.
Ensure your major is correctly noted on your record. Contact your department advisor for any issues regarding your academic requirements. 

5. Earn at Least 90 Units.  
Contact your department advisor for any issues regarding your academic requirements. 

6. Meet with the undergraduate advisor in your major department.
Plan how you will complete your remaining major requirements for graduation and identify the appropriate graduation term in compliance with CSULB’s Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students policy.

You are now ready to apply to graduate!

How Do I Apply to Graduate Online?

Apply to graduate online via your MyCSULB Student Center. 
The fee to apply to graduate is $45. You’ll be able to verify how your name will appear on your diploma through the student center and your diploma will be mailed to you.

When Do I Apply to Graduate?

In compliance with CSULB’s Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students policy, all undergraduate students must apply to graduate after earning 90 Timely Graduation units.

When to Apply to Graduate

Graduation Term 

Apply to Graduate Deadline


Preceding March 1


Preceding March 1


Preceding October 15


Preceding October 15


What Happens If I Miss the Deadline to Apply?

You can still apply for graduation online after the established deadlines, but you will need to pay an additional missed deadline fee of $10 (in addition to the $45 apply to graduate fee).

What Happens After I Apply to Graduate?

The following 4 things occur after you apply to graduate online:

1. A degree audit is performed by Enrollment Services to determine if you have any outstanding requirements, such as required courses, transcripts for transfer work, course substitutions, grade changes, petitions, etc.

  • An email will be sent to you when this audit is complete. Missing documents will also appear on your To Do list on MyCSULB. When you receive this email, be sure to check your Academic Requirements Report on MyCSULB to review any remaining requirements and update your Degree Planner.   
  • Every effort is made to update your degree audit before you register for your final term provided that you apply to graduate by the deadline. We recommend that you stay in contact with your department advisor to review your progress. 
  • Keep your mailing address and e-mail address up-to-date so that important notices reach you. You can update both of these address types through MyCSULB.

2. The final review of your record begins about three weeks after your final term.

  • Be sure to submit any documents still needed to complete your degree.
  • All documents that affect your degree, such as petitions, transcripts for transfer work, substitutions, grade changes, and waivers must be on file by the last day of your declared graduation term.
  • If you plan to attend another school while attending CSULB, you should submit a Request for Evaluation of Coursework from Another Institution form (PDF) prior to enrolling. Enrollment Services will review the form and notify you as to how those units earned at another school will be used in your CSULB degree program.
  • Your official transcript with final grades for coursework completed at another school must be on file in Enrollment Services within 30 days following completion of the course(s).

3. After the final review, you will be notified via email indicating:

  • Successful completion of all requirements.
  • Graduation denied because you have not met one or more of your degree requirements.

4. Your diploma will be mailed to you after your degree has been awarded.

  • You will be notified via email when your diploma is mailed to you.  Please be sure to update your contact and mailing information in your MyCSULB Student Center.
  • Please note that your diploma and degree verification cannot be released if you have any outstanding financial obligation to the University.

Additional Information:

Degree verification for employment purposes:

  • Degree verification for employment purposes can be obtained through the National Student Clearinghouse by going through your MyCSULB Student Center. 
  • Information will not be released for students with a financial obligation or FERPA restriction. Be sure to release all FERPA restrictions on MyCSULB and pay your financial obligations. Your degree will be reflected on your transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed on MyCSULB, and official transcripts can be ordered online.

CSULB’s annual Commencement ceremony:
CSULB’s annual Commencement ceremony is held after the Spring term. You may participate in the ceremony if you have outstanding degree requirements remaining; however, attending the ceremony does not constitute degree conferral. Visit the commencement website for more information. 

How do I postpone my graduation term? 

Once you have applied to graduate, you may request to change your graduation term by submitting a Request to Change Graduation Term (DocuSign). In adherence with CSULB’s Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students policy, you may also be required to submit a Timely Graduation Appeal. See Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students for additional information.

Can My Application for Graduation Be Denied?

Your degree cannot be awarded if you fail to complete any one of the following:

  • Meet all degree requirements by your declared graduation term.
  • Maintain a 2.0 in all three GPA categories - Overall Cumulative GPA, CSULB Cumulative GPA, and Major GPA.
  • Submit all necessary documents to Enrollment Services by the appropriate deadline.
  • Complete any Incomplete (I) grades by the last day of your graduation term. You cannot make up an Incomplete after graduation.

Contact your undergraduate advisor or Enrollment Services for additional information. 

Can I Attend Classes After I Graduate?

Once you apply to graduate for a specific term, you cannot enroll in classes after your expected graduation term. If you want to continue to take classes after your degree is awarded, you will need to reapply for admission to the University as a graduate or post-baccalaureate student (see Graduate Admissions for more information) or take classes through “Open University” offered by the College of Professional & International Education