Associate Degree for Transfer Program

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Program

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440/Padilla) established the Associate Degrees for Transfer for California Community College students and is designed to provide a clear pathway to the CSU degree major. Depending on the major, students can pursue an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science.

Students who have completed an approved Associate Degree for Transfer deemed similar to their CSULB major are eligible to graduate in 60 units.

The exact pathway to complete the specific major will depend on the specific ADT curriculum. As a result, the pathway will be determined in consultation with an art advisor. The 60-unit graduation option will not be possible if the student changes majors or elects to add any additional degree objective, such as a second major, minor, or certificate. For more information visit the ADT website.

ADT Requirements

  • Successful completion of required courses without repeating course or enrolling in a course toward additional academic objectives, e.g. a minor or Bachelor of Fine Arts.
  • Must register during appointment time in order to have the best selection of available classes; any delays in registering may limit choices and adversely affect compliance with ADT program.
  • Continuous enrollment in the same academic major is required unless leave of absence is approved.

ADT Contract

Students who are listed as ADT must either accept or decline the ADT program requirements. Any ADT student must fill out the ADT Contract. Either accept or decline the ADT program and then submit the form to Declining the program/contract will not negatively influence student records. It only means that CSULB is no longer obligated to graduate students within 60 units.

Advising ADT Program Participants

If a student agrees to participate in the ADT program, an Art Advisor will calculate the number of units needed and will determine if there is a need to waive or substitute units.