Animation Program

Animation Program Head: Soyeon Kim

Animation Program Description 

The BFA in Art, Option in Animation, provides students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field of animation for film, game, and media arts. The degree option offers a curriculum with an emphasis on foundational principles, storytelling, and experimentation.  

The degree option in Animation begins the training using traditional methods and evolves to digital media. As students progress through the curriculum they may also experiment with alternative techniques for narrative and non-narrative films.  

This degree option provides students with a thorough experience in animation production and filmmaking to grow their artistic visions and develop the professional skills needed to succeed in the field of animation and media arts. This degree option culminates in a showcase, which introduces our graduates to professionals in the field of animation and media arts. 

We have two tracks for students to apply to where students will take courses with assignments geared specifically to these goals: 

Animation Track 

Students in this track will focus on creating a body of work involving moving images. The Animation Track’s curriculum covers Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production in both traditional 2D & 3D and experimental filmmaking approaches. Experimental filmmaking includes inventive non-traditional methods of animation using a variety of materials and methods, such as stop-motion, AR/VR, and various interdisciplinary filmmaking techniques.  

Pre-Production Track 

Students in this track will focus on building skills for working in the pre-production phase of film, television, and game projects. Some examples of pre-production art are character, prop, and environment design, storyboards, layout, background painting, visual development, 3D digital modeling, and pre-visualization.