Photography Program

Program Head: Rebecca Sittler

The CSULB Photography Program helps students develop an expanded understanding of image-making through photography, performance, and video art. Students learn a range of technical, analytical, and critical skills while also pursuing their creative expression and exploring sensorial aspects of photography. 

Undergraduate students may pursue a BFA in Photography, a BA in Art, and/or a Minor in Photography. In our studio classes, we teach the technical, aesthetic, and theoretical principles of contemporary photography and video art to strengthen students' abilities to create new forms, thematic ideas, thoughtful connections, and meanings. Students learn analog and digital camera operation and editing techniques, darkroom printing and alternative processes, critical analysis, and writing skills for the arts from professors who utilize a range of innovative and traditional teaching methods.  

We introduce students to artists, collectives, exhibitions, and writings from a wide range of perspectives that reflect the diversity of the student body and critically examine issues of the historical moment.  Distinguished emerging and established artists engage with students through visiting artist lectures, panel conversations, and studio visits.  

Graduates emerge from the Photography Program with a strong skill set and point-of-view, qualities that are required to pursue competitive MFA programs, residencies, and exhibition opportunities. While the emphasis of the program trains students within the context of art, students who have an interest in fashion, editorial, or commercial image-making also flourish within the program. Images are uniquely and increasingly a part of our daily communication in ways similar to language and writing, and we seek to help students understand how to construct and read them, and to be thoughtful in their circulation.  

Faculty and Staff 

As artists practicing in the field, we are committed to fostering the Photography Program as an exciting hub for contemporary discourse on photography, performance, and video art. 

Brice Bischoff - Lecturer  

Zach Callahan - Lecturer

Lacey Lennon - Assistant Professor of Art

Chelsea Mosher - Lecturer 

Kyle Riedel - Professor of Art

Rebecca Sittler  - Professor of Art

Hong Seo - Photography Lab Manager 

Programs of Study and Advising

The program offers both a BFA in Photography and a Minor in Photography. School of Art Advisors can provide students with checklists and roadmaps for required courses and paths of study.  Photography faculty also welcome advising questions during office hours. 

Visiting Artists 

The Photography program regularly hosts emerging and established artists who take innovative approaches to contemporary image-making. These artists have diverse perspectives and identities, and oftentimes interdisciplinary interests. Students have an opportunity to engage these artists through the Visiting Artists & Scholars Lecture Series (also known as Art 101), in-class lectures, MFA student studio visits, and panels or symposiums. We often invite visiting artists from our immediate networks to foster a sense of conviviality and camaraderie, as well as invite new artist friends into our Photography Program community. Recent visiting artists include Elle Pérez, Genesis Báez, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Ilana Harris-Babou, Ka-Man Tse, Alejandro Cartagena, Genevieve Gaignard, Farrah Karapetian, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya.