Fiber Program

Program Head: Fafnir Adamites
Full-Time Faculty: Jeanne Medina Le

The only University-level Fiber Program in Southern California, we have a 40-year history of working with students interested in the complex field of fiber and textiles. We are rooted in the core belief that materials hold meaning and contemporary fiber work is an embodied practice that gives artists opportunities to explore storytelling, identity, history, and relational working. Historic examples of textile techniques are taught alongside contemporary topics, offering students context and a broader understanding of the significance of early discoveries of spinning, weaving, felting, and more.
The Fiber Area includes a weaving room with floor looms and tapestry weaving equipment, a dye kitchen, a papermaking room including a Reina paper beater, and an outdoor working space. We also have space and equipment for a variety of surface design techniques such as silkscreen and sculptural techniques such as felting and basketry. Sewing machines, dress forms, rug tufting guns, and many other tools are available for classroom use.
For BFA students in Fiber, we offer a comprehensive roadmap of classes that begins with several core techniques such as dyeing, surface design, knitting, crochet, sewing, and 3-dimensional forms. Students advance into more complex, content-driven courses that include off-loom sculptural techniques, experimental garments, textile politics, and weaving.
MFA students come to the Fiber Area at CSULB to deepen their studio practice, challenge their ways of working, and expand their research methods. They have full access to the studios and equipment in our area as well as a dedicated studio space. Mentorship is emphasized through one-on-one studio visits, interdisciplinary critique classes, and committee work with faculty from across the school. There are many opportunities to exhibit work in the School of Art Galleries as well as venues around the Long Beach area.
The Fiber Area is home to the student-run Fiber Club which organizes monthly workshops, interdisciplinary activities, and fundraising events. Community support and inclusivity are integral to our program.
In addition to engaging class content, students have the opportunity to learn from visiting artists, including recent visitors Diedrick Brackens, Maria Maea, Carmen Argote, and Ben Cuevas. Artist talks, workshops, and studio visits are just some of the ways that students learn about being a working artist and thinker in the field of Fiber.
Fiber students are encouraged to take advantage of the thriving art world in Long Beach as well as nearby Los Angeles. The wealth of studios, archives, collections, museums, and galleries offers an endless array of research opportunities and inspiration.

Core classes in the Fiber Area:

  • Intro to Fiber
  • Dye
  • Print and Pattern
  • Composition in Fiber

Advanced Courses include:

  • Experimental Garment
  • Soft Sculpture
  • Structures in Fiber
  • Paper Sculpture
  • Textile Politics
  • Textile Arts LA
  • Weaving

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