Art Education Program

Program Head and Single Subject Art Education Credential Coordinator and Advisor: Brian Trimble

The Art Education program is designed to help prepare effective art teachers for the community schools. It consists of studio, art history, art education, and education courses. These courses educate the future teacher in the various art content areas as well as develop the skills needed in making art, talking about art, and planning art learning experiences. The California Visual and Performing Arts Framework and Model Curriculum Standards are important state documents that are utilized in the preparation of the CSULB student teachers. The art education classes all use a multi-faceted approach that integrates the four visual art disciplines of art production, art criticism, art history, and philosophical aesthetics. They also promote a cross-cultural exposure to art and examine the influences among artists from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as the inclusion of both men and women artists. Although the studio and art history classes prepare the university students in the content and skills of art, the art education classes bring these aspects together in a model that provides approaches on how to educate young people in the schools.

Art Education arranges opportunities for its students:

  1. To get experiences within the community schools through observation and teaching sessions,
  2. To meet with former and present student teachers for discussions,
  3. To work in educational events with local art museums,
  4. And to network with one another in the preparation for teaching.

The Long Beach State Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association is a strong organization which plans and executes projects that involve its members in worthwhile experiences.

The Art Education Resource Room provides up-to-date learning materials that are published for elementary, middle school, and high school use. This includes many art reproductions that can be utilized in art learning exercises.

Teacher Preparation

The Art Education Teacher Preparation Program is directly related to the Single Subject Teacher Preparation Program in the Graduate School of Education, and the university students work toward the preliminary and clear teaching credentials for the state of California. This allows them to teach art at all levels, Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade, in the public schools.