Biomedical Illustration Prep Certificate

The Biomedical Illustration Prep Certificate is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the School of Art and the Department of Biological Sciences.

Biomedical illustration and animation are commissioned by a wide range of clients that include medical institutions and universities, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, publishers, physicians, natural history museums, and legal firms, among others.

Artists working in this field can pursue projects on a freelance basis or apply for employment with an agency or institution. The certificate prepares students to enter the field in a freelance capacity and also gives them a good foundation to continue on to an advanced degree program in medical illustration. (This certificate is not the equivalent of graduate-level degree, which is required for many staff positions).

The Biomedical Illustration Prep Certificate can be earned alongside an undergraduate degree or post-graduation. For more information, please contact Professor Robin Richesson (Art), and Dr. Kelly Young (Biology).

For the specific requirements see the CSULB Catalog: Biomedical Illustration Prep Certificate.