Drawing & Painting Program

Program Head: Daniel Dove

Building from a strong foundation in observational drawing, design, and color theory, the sequence of Intermediate drawing and painting courses are designed to contextualize a studio practice within an art historical context, introduce critical thinking, and foster independence. Advanced students deepen their explorations among a broad range of stylistic approaches and materials including representation, abstraction, painting, drawing, or an expanded field that crosses disciplines. The culminating BFA capstone course is an immersive studio experience where students develop an individualized body of work for the BFA exhibition. The students are challenged to create original works for the exhibition and learn the necessary professional practices to continue in their field. These skills include resume writing, documentation of work, portfolio development, and preparation for grad school as well as practical survival skills and networking strategies.

Our MFA program challenges its candidates to achieve a strong personal vision with their creative work, develop critical dialogue, and experience in their professional practice. Course offerings include study within the various studio disciplines as well as the study of art history and theory. Course critiques and dialogue include the technical, formal, conceptual, critical, social, historical and philosophical aspects of the full-spectrum of practice encouraged by faculty, and endeavored by students within the program.

The Drawing and Painting program is enriched by the presence of the University Art Museum, ongoing opportunities to exhibit in our five school galleries, an extensive program of visiting artists and critics amongst the incredible wealth of artists and exhibitions in the greater Los Angeles area. The Drawing and Painting program at California State University, Long Beach, has a reputation for educating motivated and talented students, who become professional artists and artist/ teachers of merit and recognition.