BFA in Art, Option in Animation

About the Cohort

Once students are accepted into the BFA in Art, Option in Animation program, they will advance their studies as a cohort. All these course schedules are very carefully planned with a set curriculum and scaffolding approach. Its goal is to culminate student skills and knowledge at the appropriate time based on professional practices. This learning environment allows them to replicate the collaborative team environment where students must navigate different work habits and pipelines and come together to produce a project.

About Animation Track and Preproduction Track

The Animation Program maintains a strong emphasis on drawing and painting from observation and on the synthesis of form and content (marrying the conceptual idea of the work to process and execution). There is great flexibility within our BFA that allows students to focus on an area of study within Animation. Once the student has made a decision, they can then choose from a smaller range of classes within their discipline. There is no one avenue to student success, and giving students several options that cater to their passions and strengths will ultimately result in a more confident and prepared artist.

Animation Track

The Animation tack is tailored towards students looking to develop their knowledge and skills in animation mechanics, performance, and filmmaking. These students will also have the opportunity to create and design characters, storyboards, and backgrounds, but in addition, will also move characters and objects as they learn the principles of animation and experimental approaches. Animation students are required to complete an animated short or animation reel in their final semester.

Preproduction Track

The Pre-production track is designed for students wishing to focus more specifically on building skills related to, but not limited to, the pre-production phase of film, television, and game projects (such as Storyboarding, Character Design, Background and Layouts, Visual Development, 3D Modeling, and Stop Motion fabrication). Pre-Productions students are required to complete final portfolio pages in their final semester.

Both the pre-production track and animation track will reach their learning goals by collaborating across the two tracks in group projects in classes and senior film production. Students in each track must choose from a group of courses with assignments geared specifically to these goals.