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Mission of the School of Art

The School of Art is dedicated to its mission of creating a comprehensive art school experience within the context of a large publicly funded state university. At the undergraduate level, we provide a diverse population of aspiring artists and art scholars with access to affordable, quality education combining a broad-based liberal arts collegiate experience with a firm historical, theoretical, and foundational art curriculum. At the graduate level, our degree programs are designed with a dual emphasis on tailoring programs of study to individual students while fostering shared experience among a community of students.

Over forty full-time and ninety part-time faculty provide instruction to a student population of nearly 2000 majors. Our faculty is committed to the belief that an education in the visual arts and related scholarship can be grounded in tradition while geared toward innovation; can foster both discipline-centered and interdisciplinary activity and discourse; and can achieve a fusion of informed dialogue, practice, and production.


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The School of Art embraces diversity and recognizes our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work and serve. Our faculty and staff are committed to creating an inclusive, student-centered community where students discover educational pathways that reflect and expand upon creative potential, intellectual curiosity, and career aspirations. As part of our goal to make a university art school education attainable for all, we are building a fund to serve for outreach and scholarships in order to bring students from underserved areas to the School of Art. To contribute to this fund, click on the button below.