Sculpture / 4D

Program Head: Katie Grinnan

The Sculpture Program at CSULB was the first program in the School of Art to introduce video art into its curriculum, and yet the Sculpture Program also continues to maintain one of the few remaining active art foundries to be found at universities in Southern California. The span between these two elements of the Sculpture Program - from among the oldest and, in instances, most traditional of practices, to among the newest of media - defines the nature of this program.

Our program is not about a niche, but about a range that continues to expand into 3D and 4D. Filling out the breadth of our program are opportunities to explore figurative and formal approaches to sculpture; molding, casting and fabrication methods; video, kinetics and electronic arts; installation and intermedia; and performance, participatory, and relational practices. These activities are engaged and investigated across the field of contemporary sculpture and related practices, and in multiple contexts.

The Sculpture Program stresses the hiring of creatively and professionally active full-time and part-time faculty who represent a variety of practice, background, and point-of-view. Every effort is made to facilitate sophisticated dialogue covering the technical, formal, conceptual, critical, social, historical and philosophical aspects of the full-spectrum of practice encouraged by faculty, and endeavored by students within the program.

Our facilities include rooms with basic woodworking and metalworking equipment adjacent to the department’s larger wood and metal shops; an outdoor metal fabrication and foundry area; video and computer editing facilities; a project space and student gallery space dedicated to the Sculpture Program, which is in addition to the School of Art Galleries commonly used by sculpture students; communal studio space for Sculpture BFA students; and individual studio spaces for MFA students.

Students in sculpture benefit as well from courses in the School of Art’s Ceramics, Fiber, Metal and Wood programs, all of which combine with the Sculpture Program to form a hub of 3D and 4D practice within the School of Art. The Sculpture Program also enjoys significant exchange with the Photography Program. The Sculpture Program is dedicated to exposing students to the broadest possible array of options for art in three and four dimensions.