Frequently Asked Questions

  • Summer 2023 registration will begin March 6
  • Fall 2023 registration will begin on April 4
    • It is expected that First-times, first-year registration for fall 2023 will begin approximately the 3rd week of April.

Specific assigned dates and times for each student will vary. You will receive an email from Enrollment Services informing you of your assigned registration date and time. Business advisors do not assign, nor can they change, students' registration dates and times, this is done strictly by the Office of Enrollment Services.

You can also find this information in your Student Center (through on the right-hand box labeled “Enrollment Dates” and clicking “Details.”

Your enrollment hold can be due to various reasons:

  • Overdue payment
  • Overdue documents
  • Overdue GWAR
  • Failure to declare a major by 60 units
  • Mandatory advising required
  • Not progressing in the major

You can review the reason for your enrollment hold through your Student Center (through; on the right-hand size there is a box labeled “Holds,” click “Details” at the bottom and then the link provided under “Hold Item.” You will be provided with a reason for the hold as well as instructions on how to resolve the hold.

Current students enrolling will find current dates here:  Enrollment Dates and How to Pay

For more information, you can contact Student Financial Services at 985-5471 (select option 3).

You can enroll in a maximum of 18 units. If you would like to enroll in more units, we recommend meeting with an Academic Advisor.

It could be to a number of reasons, the most common being:

  • Reserved seats
    • Recommendation: try a different section of the class. If all non-reserved seats are taken, you have the option to waitlist the course and add a different class in the meantime.
  • Pre/co-requisites have not been met
    • Recommendation: enroll in the pre/co-requisite first. If the course is a co-requisite, you should be able to add the original class after enrolling in the co-requisite.
  • You completed a pre/co-requisite with a course substitution

Meet with your assigned Business Academic Advisor to review the reason for your requested change of graduation term, if necessary, your advisor will submit the Change in Graduation term on your behalf or will guide you through any additional processes.

If the change is deemed necessary, it is important that you change your graduation date before class registration begins, otherwise you will not have a registration date assigned for future terms.

We recommend doing the following things before deciding to visit an Academic Advisor:

  1. Review your Academic Requirements Report (through the Student Center on and take note of what courses you still need to complete (red square)
  2. Review your Degree Planner (through the Student Center on for course recommendations
  3. Use your respective Major Requirements Worksheet to plan for course sequencing (pre-requisites)

After doing the above, if you would like your advisor to review your class schedule, you may schedule a Quick Question appointment. If additional time is needed, your advisor can assist you in scheduling additional time.

There are many on-campus resources available that can help you improve your academic performance:

  • Instructor office hours: If you are unable to attend office hours, contact your professor about scheduling an appointment
  • On-CampusTutoring Centers
  • Academic Coaching Appointments

If there are personal circumstances or challenges that are affecting your academic performance, please speak to an Academic Advisor or email us at as soon as possible.

You are only able to drop a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. When you drop a class, you are able to remove yourself through your Student Center (on There is no record of this course on your transcript. Make sure to review Enrollment Service’s Registration Dates and Deadlines in order to drop by the deadline.

In order to withdraw, you need permission from your instructor and the chairperson of the course department. We recommend reviewing the withdrawal policy and petition, speaking to your professor about your performance, and meeting with an Academic Advisor before trying to acquire signatures for your withdrawal form. Make sure to review Enrollment Service’s Registration Dates and Deadlines in order to withdraw by the deadline.

No, major courses may not be taken for credit/no credit, with the exception of IS 233 (which is automatically credit/no credit). Most General Education courses can be taken for credit/no credit. You may talk to your Academic Advisor or email when in doubt.

There is a difference between an “elective” and an “option (e.g. Management) elective” on Degree Planner. When Degree Planner adds “elective” it does it to make sure that you are completing a minimum of 120 units total, as required by CSULB to earn an undergraduate degree. You can complete these elective units with any courses.

An “option elective” refers to the specific elective requirements for your major. We suggest reviewing your respective Major Requirements Worksheet to plan for your option electives.

Taking an Educational Leave means you have notified CSULB that you will be taking 1-2 semesters off school and therefore will not lose your status as a matriculated student.

The deadline to submit an Educational Leave form (without a $10 late fee) is the last day of the semester prior to your leave. Please review the Educational Leave website for additional details.


Students majoring in Business cannot declare a minor in business. However, the Business Analytics Certificate is a potential option for Business majors.

For students not majoring in Business that would like to declare a minor, please review our minor declaration requirements and follow the steps to request a business minor.

The answer depends on multiple factors. We recommend submitting your request using our Major Declaration Form. An Academic Advisor will review your request and contact you accordingly.

If you took or plan to take a course at a California community college, we recommend reviewing to see if the class is articulated and has a course equivalent at CSULB. If it is, you will simply have to complete the course at community college and then send an official transcript to CSULB to receive credit for the course.

If you took or plan to take a business major requirement course at a different institution (out of state, a 4-year institution), please submit an online petition for a course substitution. If possible, we recommend submitting your petition before enrolling in the class. You will need to attach a copy of the course syllabus to your petition.

If you believe you completed a General Education (GE) requirement at a different institution, and this course is not articulated and has no course equivalent at CSULB, please plan to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your options.

If you are preparing to study abroad, please make sure you meet with a Study Abroad Advisor and then fill out our online petition for a course substitution for any business courses you plan to complete internationally. Please submit your petition before going abroad. You will need to attach a copy of each course syllabus to your petition(s).

Please review our website for our office hours and advising options.


Each school has an online student center through which you should be able to order official transcripts. When in doubt, we recommend searching for the school’s website. You may be given the following options:

  • Mail official transcripts directly to your home*
  • Mail official transcripts directly to CSULB Enrollment Services
  • Email official transcripts directly to CSULB Enrollment Services

*If you have official transcripts mailed to your home, it is important that you do not break the seal and open the envelope; doing so will make it an unofficial transcript. You may hand-deliver official transcripts to Enrollment Services.

We strongly encourage you to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss the option most appropriate to your situation. You may want to consider repeating the course (a second time) for Grade Forgiveness.