COB CSS Mission

The COB Center for Student Success (CSS) and its Study Annex aspire to engage undergraduates with advising and learning that promotes persistence toward success.

The CSS Centers support and guide students from diverse backgrounds by connecting them to academic resources, practicing holistic advising, and facilitating self-advocacy. We promote collaborative campus and community partnerships in an effort to ensure student's success and achievement of their academic and professional goals

  • Engaged Communication
  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Empathy
  • Dedication

Through advising at the COB Center for Student Success (CSS), students will:

  1. Understand requirements towards graduation, including GE and major coursework
  2. Learn to use degree planning tools such as the Degree Planner and the Academic Requirements Report
  3. Be able to locate and interpret key policies and deadlines
  4. Utilize academic resources for learning support
  5. Identify resources for degree-to-career-planning
  6. Identify campus resources for promotion of well-being based on need. 

  • Guide students in co-creating an academic plan for their primary degree objective
  • Connects students to appropriate resources and opportunities 
  • Interprets policies for, and presents students with attainable options 
  • Helps students develop strategies for academic success and professional growth 
  • Actively engages in professional development to enhance our advising practices