Learning Glass

Often referred to as a "transparent whiteboard," or "light board," The Learning Glass is a panel of heavy-duty glass set in an upright frame and illuminated with LED lights around the perimeter of the glass. The Learning Glass is especially useful in science, mathematics, or other courses where dynamic problem-solving and diagramming is common.

To record a lecture, instructors stand behind the glass panel in a darkened room and write on the glass with neon markers. Light from the LEDs is captured by the markers and illuminate the writing. This configuration allow the instructor to face the camera, rather than turning away from the audience as done at a traditional chalk/whiteboard, making the lecture an engaging experience for the students. Recorded lectures are "flipped"in post-production so that the writing/diagramming flows in the proper direction for the viewer.

Learning Glass Options for CSULB Instructors

ATS currently offers two Learning Glass options for CSULB instructors: