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Canvas Migration

BeachBoard to Canvas Migration 

CSULB is working with K16 Solutions to conduct the migration BeachBoard courses into Canvas. Faculty will not be required to migrate their course content manually. We highly recommend you do not attempt to do so as this will cause more work for you.  

No specific preparation is required prior to course migration. Once completed, instructors will be notified and will have ample time to make adjustments to course content before teaching in the new system. Faculty training and support resources will be provided by Academic Technology Services throughout the transition.

Timeline and Overview of Migration Plan:

  • Course content from the last 2 years will be copied from BeachBoard to Canvas including quizzes, discussions, and files.
  • Student submissions and grades will not be migrated.
  • All non-academic BeachBoard organization sites will be copied to Canvas.
  • A total of 5 years of courses will be archived and available upon request.

Summer 2022

Courses are taught in Canvas by a small group of instructors participating in a pilot program.

In early Summer, live Fall courses are released in Canvas and BeachBoard to all instructors.

Migrated BeachBoard courses will appear in Canvas shortly after live courses are released (June 2022)

Instructors can prepare to teach in either or both systems for the Fall 2022 term.

Fall 2022

  Instructors teach in Canvas and/or Beachboard.

In late Fall, live Spring 2023 courses are released in Canvas and BeachBoard.  

Instructors prepare to teach in either or both systems for the Spring term.

Spring 2023

Instructors teach in Canvas and/or Beachboard.

Final semester of BeachBoard availability.

Summer & Fall 2023

All courses are taught in Canvas; Beachboard decommissioned.