Podcast Studio

The CSULB Podcast Studio is a dynamic space designed to empower students, faculty, and staff to explore the world of podcasting. Our studio has everything you need to create high-quality audio content as part of your coursework, share your research, or explore your creative side.

Key Features of the CSULB Podcast Studio:

  • Professional Recording Equipment:  We provide high-quality microphones, audio interfaces, headphones, and recording software to ensure your podcast sounds fantastic.
  • Soundproof Environment:  Our studio is acoustically treated to eliminate external noise and distractions, allowing you to focus on your content.
  • Accessibility:  The studio is available to all members of the CSULB community, fostering a collaborative and inclusive podcasting environment.
  • Flexible Scheduling:  Book the studio for your recording sessions at your convenience, making it easy to work around your busy academic and personal schedules.

4RODE PodMic with professional studio arm


Sound Recording Equipment

Specialized equipment for creating podcasts:

Recording Software:


ATEM Mini Pro Video Switcher


Black, white, and green backdrops

Video Recording Equipment

Specialized equipment for creating webcasts

  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
  • 3 HD Cameras
  • 48" LED light strip
  • Black, white, and green backdrops
  • Teleprompter with tablet support
  • Lavalier lapel microphone

Recording Software:

Studio Features

Specialized area for the best recording experience and products:

  • ATEM Mini Pro switcher allows for the creation of professional multi-camera productions.
  • Record video directly to USB flash disks.
  • 48” LED strip lights produce soft, even light for backgrounds or green screen chroma-keying.
  • Backdrop options include green, black, or white.
  • Teleprompter for consistent and accurate speech/script reading while maintaining proper eye contact.
  • RODECaster Pro has 4 microphone inputs, smartphone, USB, and Bluetooth channels for remote call integration.
  • Record audio to microSD or a computer in stereo or multitrack for editing in post-production.
  • Studio walls are lined with acoustic foams to improve sound quality by reducing echoes and background sounds.