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Yanling Qi

Yanling Qi is an economist who joined the CSULB Department of Health Care Administration as an assistant professor in fall 2015. Her fields of interest involve health economics, health care finance, and labor and public economics with a focus on program evaluation. Prior to joining CSULB, she was a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and lectured at Georgia State University.


Ph.D. in Economics from Georgia State University 

Research Interests

Dr. Qi's research focuses on individual behavioral responses to public policies that impact health outcomes, health care utilization, and labor market outcomes. Her recent studies investigate the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for young adults on health outcomes, health care utilization, primary care quality, and risky behaviors.


Dr. Qi teaches the following courses:

  • HCA 300 The Health Care System
  • HCA 341 Financial Management in Health Care
  • HCA 451 Economics of Health
  • HCA 503 Health Care Economics
  • HCA 698 Project


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