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Nora Goto

Prof. Goto is a VP for Health Management Services for an insurance brokerage firm and a Lecturer at CSULB.  She has been teaching part-time since 2009.  She has been involved in working with data and reporting since the late 1990s.  Her role in the insurance firm involves the application of data when designing programs, technology, and marketing communications to support our clients’ employees in improving their health and well-being.  

Her prior experience includes consulting, patient centered care, project management, management and system implementation, nursing, education, and research. 

She graduated from CSU, Fresno with a BSN.  Later she obtained and MSN and MSHCA from CSULB. She is certified as a PMP, and Health Care Quality Professional. 

She teaches HCA 416 Management and Information Systems and HCA 480 Internship in Health Care Administration.