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Erlyana Erlyana

Erlyana Erlyana is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Care Administration at California State University, Long Beach. She worked as a physician for more than seven years before joining the Department as a tenure-track faculty member in 2009.


Dr. Erlyana received her MD at the University of Atmajaya, Indonesia, and earned her Ph.D. in Public Administration (with a concentration in Health Service Administration) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Research Interests

  • Access to care for underserved populations
  • Social determinants of health care utilization
  • Disparities in health
  • Managed care
  • Comparative health

Courses Taught

She has taught the following courses:

  • HCA 300 The Health Care System
  • HCA 422 Global Issues in Health Services
  • HCA 428 Population Health Management
  • HCA 465 Analysis and Evaluation of Health Care Services
  • HCA 480/481 Internship in Health Care Administration
  • HCA 503 Health Care Economics
  • HCA 528 Managing Population Health
  • HCA 537 Managed Care

Dr. Erlyana also teaches CSULB study abroad courses in Taiwan and Germany.


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