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Deborah Ludke

Deborah Ludke is the Administrative Operations Officer for both the Advanced Fellowships and Professional Development and the Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education within the Veterans Health Administration National Headquarters Office of Academic Affiliations. In this role, Ms. Ludke administratively oversees all aspects of a national portfolio emphasizing the development of research, scholarship, and clinical skills for post-residency physicians and post-doctoral associated health professionals in areas which are critical to the health of our nation’s veterans.

Her long career with the Veterans Health Administration has included administrative leadership roles in the areas of education, research, blood/organ/tissue donation, and surgery at the local, regional, and national levels.

Ms. Ludke holds both a BA in Psychology and an MSHCA from California State University, Long Beach. Additionally, she served as a past president of the Health Care Administration Alumni Network (HCAAN) at California State University, Long Beach.

Ms. Ludke teaches HCA 480 Internship in Health Care Administration and HCA 481(Internship and Careers in Health Care Administration.