Susan Mais Requejo

Susan Mais Requejo  PT, DPT, OCS
Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Staff Physical Therapist
PT at The Beach

Associate Clinical Professor
Chapman University
Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences


Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 1999, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Master of Pathokinesiology, 1992, New York University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Physical Therapy, 1990, New York University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, 1986, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

  • Studying the effect of muscle fatigue and psychosocial issues on the perception of pain in the orthopedic patient.
  • Quantifying midfoot joint  mobility with identifying normative data and factors associated with midfoot mobility
  • Studying the feasibility and reliability of arch height classification in a telehealth environment

Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

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The Effect of Spinal Muscle Fatigue and Psychosocial Factors on Pain Pressure Threshold
Combined Sections Meeting of the APTA. Denver, Co, February 2020

Susan Mais, PT, DPT OCS,  A.R. Longshore, SPT*, M.A. Mar, SPT*, L.M. Spanton, SPT*, Y. Zhi, SPT*, Lynn Tierney, PT, DPT, GCS
Older Adults’ Use of Virtual Reality Goggles to Improve Cervical Range of Motion:
NEXT Conference APTA. Orlando, FL, June 2018.

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Physical Therapist Research Award – Faculty, California Chapter of the APTA 2009

Invited Speaker DPT Hooding Ceremony, Mount St. Mary’s University 2001

Jacquelin Perry Scholarship- University of Southern California, Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Department, 1999

Order of the Golden Cane; Highest bracket of scholastic achievement, University of Southern California, Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Department, 1999

Primary interest is promoting the profession of physical therapy as movement specialists and teaching students to categorize movement dysfunction in the orthopedic patient to provide the most effective treatment.  

Also interested in studying and teaching students about persistent and chronic pain mechanisms.  Interested in the modifiable physical and psychosocial factors and the tools and techniques that are effective in the treatment of all types of persistent pain.


Volunteered in the community to assist with musculoskeletal screening and injury and prevention at many events including the following:  

  • Musculoskeletal Screening at Community Badminton Tournament, 2019
  • Coordinator of Foot screening at Health day Vietnamese Alliance Church in Orange and Long Beach, 2018/2019
  • Injury and prevention in youth basketball; OCO Basketball league, 2020

Membership in Scientific/Professional Organizations:

  • American Physical Therapy Association (1989-present)
  • Orthopedic Sections (1994-present)
  • California Orthopedic Manual Therapy Special Interest Group (2015-present)
  • Foot and Ankle Special Interest group 2017- present
  • Geriatric Special Interest group 2016-present