Sara Nourazari

 Sara Nourazari joined the CSULB Department of Health Care Administration as an assistant professor in fall 2016. Dr. Nourazari has hands-on experience in developing analytical solutions and data-driven insights in multiple research and applied projects as well as leading, supporting, and evaluating quality improvement initiatives within health care organizations.


Dr. Nourazari received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Operations Research from Northeastern University in Boston, MA; she also holds both MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Nourazari’s research centers at the intersection of operations research, advanced analytics, and systems design. As an operations researcher, Her work focuses on harnessing data science methodologies to help complex systems operate more efficiently and effectively by understanding the system behavior patterns. Applying machine learning to forecast successful emergency department visit payments and developing adaptive queue management models for semi-real-time access control strategies are some examples of her research. She is explicitly interested in studying the robustness, scalability, and sustainability of intelligent decision support systems to accommodate the inherent uncertainty, variability, and human factor elements in healthcare.

As HCA's primary faculty member for health care operations and operations management subject areas, Dr. Nourazari teaches the following courses:

  • HCA 320 Operations Management in Health Administration
  • HCA 450 Quality Assurance in Health Care
  • HCA 535 Quantitative Methods for Healthcare Administration