Rus Billimoria

Dr. Rus Billimoria a Physician by background, is retired from his previous full-time position. He continues with consultations in Managed Care and Health Services using his expertise in those fields. Previously he was a Senior Director Health Services Support for Network Medical Management, a managed care company in Los Angeles. He has participated as Executive Faculty for the past 24 years at California State University in Long Beach in the Health Care Administration Department, teaching Health Care Quality Improvement in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.  Prior experiences include 7 years as Senior Director Health Services at L.A.Care, Director  clinical services at Pfizer Health Solutions; Director of Health Services for Maxicare Health Plan; and Director of Quality Management for Molina Medical Centers. Before joining Molina, he was Director of Quality Management for CalOptima in Orange County, and was manager of Quality Management for CareAmerica Health Plan. He has conducted quality research studies for UniHealth America health systems and served as medical advisor to a multinational pharmaceutical firm in its conduct of drug trials and post-marketing studies. With extensive experience in Health Care Quality Improvement. his publications and conference presentations encompass a wide range of topics ranging from Medicine, pharmacology to managed care and quality management. Dr. Billimoria received his medical degree from the University of Bombay, India, and also completed a post-graduate medical degree with a pharmacology major. He holds a Master's degree in Public Health from UCLA and was certified in health care quality (CPHQ).