Godwin Orkeh

Godwin ‘O. Orkheh, Jr. is an experienced healthcare administrator, Public Health Officer and Quality Improvement Officer, with an interest in International Health and Development. He has worked extensively in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance in the Middle east and North African Region, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America where his work has focused on Public Health Assessments in a range of humanitarian crisis (man-made or natural disasters), war and conflicts, population displacements, disaster preparedness and in the development of health systems.

As Public Health Officer (PHO) he has served as the face of various organizations, and responsible for public health policy development and community health planning and as a subject matter expert, working closely with state and federal agencies, professionals and support staff, and other stakeholders. He has also played strategic and critical roles in collaborating with emergency management agencies, community health providers, foundations, committees, community-based organizations, and the community-at-large to set local public health priorities and policy and the Emergency Management Services Program, including ambulance capacity and other logistics. He is also involved with training exercises, emergency services planning, coordinating with and working with various emergency management professionals and associated agencies, identifying grant opportunities, and oversight of other grant programs.

As a fellow of the International Human Rights Consortium (2002-2003), Dr. Godwin Orkeh traveled widely in Central America, researching rights to health and other social, demographic, and economic considerations affecting access to health. He has considerable experience in the field of health policy, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance in complex settings. He has been blessed with cross-cultural experiences and have had opportunities to tackle real-life, diverse professional challenges and have successfully designed or implemented programs in remote mountain top Himalayan communities, in dust-bowl desert terrain, Mayan indigenous villages, to conflict- affected populations in different regions of the world.

He serves with specialized agencies of the United Nations and is active in the non-governmental non-profit sector. He is retained as an emergency public health specialist in the Global Health Cluster of the World Health Organization. He is a proud recipient of Regional and International awards, including the Ralph Bunche Gold Medal of Excellence for his work and Julius Pratt Knight of the Year, Knights of Peter Claver, Inc.

He is an Adjunct Faculty in the College of Health and Human Services, at California State University, Long Beach, CA; Assumption University, Worcester, MA, and member of the California State Guard.