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Applications are first available in the April prior to the upcoming school year. Waitlists are maintained for one year only. For more information about Child and Family Center applications please email:

Stefanie Pedigo, Center Director 

Enrollment Information
Each new application is considered before determining acceptance. To support diversity in the classroom for our student participants, ethnic mix, gender, and developmental age are considered. Since the program’s primary purpose is to serve students who are studying young children, the selection is based upon the need to provide optimal participation and observation opportunities. Faculty and Staff requesting full-time care M-F will be given first consideration for enrollment. Those who fill out an application are notified of enrollment status and their approximate position.

Twelve full time equivalent children between the ages of 18-36months will be enrolled in the Toddler classroom.Children who are 18 months after August will be placed on a waiting list for the Toddler classroom.


Twenty-eight full-time equivalent children will be enrolled in the Preschool between the ages of 3-5 years. Children must be toilet trained to be enrolled in the preschool classroom. Children who are 3 after September will also be placed on a waiting list for the preschool classroom.

Priority for enrollment is given to campus employees. The center operates Monday through Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm.. A two, three, or five day schedule is offered. All of the University holidays are observed, including a recess in December/January. The program also observes professional development days during the year (which will be given in advance) and one day prior to Spring and two days at the end of summer to prepare for the new school year.