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Our Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Connect, Discover, Educate

Vision Statement

CHHS will be nationally and internationally recognized as an innovator and leader in community connections, the discovery of knowledge, and educating diverse students in the health and human services professions.

Our national and international reputation will attract and retain a richly diverse, high-quality faculty whose students-centered teaching, research, and collaborations in the campus and global communities will be well recognized and rewarded. This sense of academic community will nurture and support faculty of distinction throughout their careers.

CHHS will reshape its academic programs to reflect societal needs with resources developed in collaborations with our community partners to enhance quality. These expanding resources will provide a new building which includes state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, clinical and faculty office space and equipment to serve the students, faculty and community of the CHHS, allowing CHHS to become a leader in providing professional doctoral degrees in specific disciplines.

The CHHS alumni network will be stronger than ever. Alumni will express feeling transformed by their experiences in CSULB and commit themselves to ensuring the same level of excellence for future students. The alumni network will be substantially involved in the College by contracting and recruiting other alums and by building a community of organizations and individuals committed to the long term financial stability of the college.