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Hospitality Management Students Get Exclusive Windstar Experience

Published November 12, 2019

In early October, students from CHHS’ renowned Hospitality Management program were treated to an exclusive day of talks and activities including a tour of a working cruise ship, courtesy of Windstar President and CSULB Alumnus John Delaney.  

Delaney of Windstar, a luxury small-ship cruise line, along with four other industry leaders spoke to students about their expertise in different areas within the Hospitality industry:

  • Chef Duskie Estes spoke about the rise in Farm-to-Table food trends
  • Sommelier & Beverage Expert Michael Mitzger shared his experiences
  • Omega World Travel CEO and Chairman Gloria Bohan spoke on the hospitality and travel industry
  • CEO Elgin DDB Ron Elgin detailed the McDonald’s vs. Starbucks coffee wars.

After hearing from the experts, students were treated to a tour of one of the Windstar cruise ships including the provisions areas, stores loading, crew galley, main galley, engine control room, all public areas, and suites. The students were welcomed by Windstar’s President and staff and given real insight into the operations and management of cruise ships and guest experience. This experience will prove valuable for students once they enter careers in Hospitality Management.

“Much in the same way Windstar Cruises creates a great experience for the passengers, the CSULB Hospitality Management students had an excellent experience on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of one of the Windstar cruise ships,” says Lee Blecher, Program Director and Professor of Hospitality Management at CSULB.

Delaney sponsored travel and lunch for the students and was able to give them a thorough tour of the inner workings of a cruise ship.