CHHS Core Values by Department

School of Nursing (SON)

Integrity - "Faculty and staff from the School of Nursing are always open to learning, work hard, are persistent, and willing to embrace new ideas while holding on to best practices for optimal student outcomes." 

-Dr. Michael Williams, SON Director

School of Nursing Faculty
SON Faculty

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS)

Recreation and Leisure Studies is proudly implementing Growth Mindset. Recreation and Leisure Studies teaches students to create community through people, parks, and programs. For example, REC 201 focuses on developing a Growth Mindset and implements collaborative problem-solving activities at our very own Outbac Challenge Course. -Dr. Laurel Richmond, RLS Interim Chair

The Outbac 201
REC students learning an activity on The OutBAC (click photo to watch video)

Department of Health Care Administration (HCA)

Health Care Administration is proudly implementing "Collaboration." Recently, HCA sponsored an event hosted by student organizations. In this event, students had the opportunity to meet and ask questions to our board members. Eight of our board members attended the event. This allowed students to gain valuable insight to take into their careers as hospital administrators

“Community partnerships makes a different in student learning. HCA students met with 8 of HCA advisory board members at the Coffee Social event hosted by HCA students clubs (HCASF & UPD) and we are so very proud of this collaboration!" -Dr. Erlyana Erlyana, HCA Chair.

Health Care Administration students

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Innovation was at the core of Family and Consumer Sciences' project to modernize the Food Science Lab. The Food Science and Technology Lab provides a hands on approach to experiential learning to addressing issues such as Food Security and Sustainable Food Systems. -Dr. Cheryl Rock, Professor, Food Science/Dr. Wendy Reiboldt, FCS Chair

Food Science Lab
Food Science Lab

Department of Kinesiology (KIN)

Growth Mindset: Through collaboration with CHHS and active enrollment of students into the PETE (physical education teacher education) program at CSULB and the involvement of faculty in nurturing undergraduate students in the PETE majors club (Melissa Bittner and Amanda Young), CSULB credentialed the largest number of physical education teachers in the CSU system in 2020-21 (most recent data available from the California Department of Education, see figure below).  

Kinesiology Credential Stat figure

Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPA)

Integrity - The Graduate Center for Public Policy & Administration prides itself on graduating ethically and equity-minded professionals with the competencies necessary for effective and inclusive leadership roles in governmental, nonprofit, and community-based organizations that advance the public good. -Dr. Adam Butz, PPA Chair

Public Policy Hooding Ceremony
PPA Hooding Ceremony

Department of Health Science (HSC)

Collaboration - The Department of Health Science is proudly implementing collaboration among faculty, students and the community to stimulate and foster excellence in public health education and research innovation. Furthermore the department has shown immense dedication in pressing health and human services problems such as the ongoing health and human rights crisis in Iran.  

Alaei brothers
Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei, photo courtesy: Long Beach Press Telegram

Department of Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

Collaboration - Through the partnership with California Scottish Rite Foundation, the CSULB Speech and Language Clinic has successfully increased the number of clients it serves and is able to provide comprehensive speech and language diagnostic and therapeutic services at no cost to local communities. Additionally, many SLP students have successfully completed their clinical practicum rotations at the CSULB Speech and Language Clinic. 

Speech Language Pathology students
SLP Students 

School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management (CCJEM)

Innovation- Faculty from the School are engaged in a wide variety of innovative research projects and pride ourselves on involving students in these projects. Five CCJEM undergraduate and graduate students presented research at the Western Society of Criminology annual conference.

Criminology Conference